Server Uptime


Please before you send us a request for support

check the following frequently asked questions!

You have to remember

that all innactive accounts for more than 30 days

are being removed from our database.

So in case you need to protect it from innactivity

and deletion you can donate a small ammount of

money and at the same time support our server.





  • How can i get a screenshot ingame?

    You just open client and anywhere you wish to get a screenshot you just press on keyboard CTRL + PRTSCN.

    That action will produce a new screenshot in jpg format inside your Lineage/infogatel2/ folder.

    You can then upload the image to our facebook page. 

  • Wich is the maximum enchant?

    Maximum enchant for all items and weapons is +135

  • Wich is the safe enchant rate?

    Safe enchant rate is +14 and safe max for full is +14

  • How can i create an account?

    Accounts are autocreated the first time you log in the game. In case you need more options like password recover you can use are account creation manager here

  • How can i get Freya client?

    Choose one of the following links and get the Freya client






  • How can i download and use the server connect patch?

    Check the following easy way to use our patch and connect


    Extract the connection patch (you downloaded to third step) into your game folder (from second step).
    Open folder "infogatel2" and just run l2.exe
    In Case you still can't connect use our contact form and explain us the problem
    so that we can help you the fastest possible.



  • Where is GM Shop?

    You just select item Deck on player and there you will find everything you need.

    Deck or All in one item is used for GMShop / Gatekeeper / Warehouse / Buffer and everything else you need.

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